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12 Days of Christmas Stacking Challenge, Christmas Past Blog Round-up, Quick Workout Alternatives

FLASHBACK!!!!!  Originally posted last year, but I found it (Thanks Facebook Memories) and then thought, let's get it out again! :) :)   Let me know if you try the challenge! :)

Did you eat too much turkey? Pie? Ham? Mashed potatoes?  Maybe your aunt made that infamously irresistable mac n cheese like mine did this year.... maybe you got a crispy corner piece of it like I did... Needless to say that plus some black coffee got the creativity going along with the need to get moving... So for the 2015 Christmas post on here's the brand new, UNTESTED (normally I test stuff out on myself and others before posting) 12 Days of Christmas Stacking Challenge!

12 Days of Christmas Stacking Workout Challenge

Be safe of course and also make sure to use regressions when necessary!  If you need ideas for regressions, please post in comments below.  Obvious examples are instead of full, dead hang pull ups, try Aussie Pull Ups or any of the lead-up steps in Convict Conditioning.  Same with Pistol Squats, etc. Be creative and have fun!  I chose these particular exercises in their particular order for a reason - let's hope it works as intended!!!  If you try it, let me know how it goes for you! :)

UPDATE: Realized that there's been some confusion about this workout challenge -- just like the "12 Days of Christmas" song, this also stacks - I wrote this out for someone in the comments, but here's the whole thing explicitly written up as intended:

Fore reference, that last round ending with the 12 deadlifts got very interesting, I just used the two largest kettlebells I happened to have indoors (the 24kg and 26kg, so approx 110lb together, which isn't even my bodyweight). While it normally would not be even interesting to deadlift that weight, I could definitely tell it was using a lot of energy at the end of the workout, and while doing them straight through - I did a quick hand switch to even it out but with as little rest as possible. Shower afterwards was not optional.

Here's some past Christmas posts you might enjoy:

If you're short on time, and have access to your kettlebells, the good old fashioned classic of set the timer for 10 minutes and practice get ups (or really slow ones without weight is an interesting drill too), then set the timer again for 10 minutes total of 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest.  If you don't have access to your kettlebells, check out this everything with nothing workout.

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