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So Much Excitement, So much To Share! (and a Kettlebell Workout)

First off, if you haven't already checked it out,  Explosive Calisthenics (sometimes referred to by enthusiasts and superfans as Convict Conditioning Vol 3) is now out in both paperback and eBook form! While the eBook might be convenient in some ways, like the fact that you wouldn't need to wait on or pay for shipping, the paperback is just really a while lot of fun.  It's a full color large format book just like the original Convict Conditioning, and Vol 2 and chock full of inspiring photos of the progressions to some of the most impressive bodyweight skills on the planet... including several that scare the heck out of me (back flip, front flip!).  No disrespect to anyone, but the back flip and front flip guys probably impress me the most out of anyone pictured in the book.  You'll even find a couple of photos of some people in there you may recognize as well! But as we all know, while the photos may be cool, the info is what we're after and that is in this book by the TRUCKLOAD!

The other fun item to share today is an article and bodyweight workout featured in Experience Life Magazine - Jen Sinkler wrote the article and she quotes the Kavadlo bros and myself in it - AND there's a bodyweight workout with little pictures that you can do this weekend.  (Let me know how it goes).

Happy Monkey Bar Monday! A Video and More Exciting News...

After having put in a whole heck of a lot of hours these past few weeks on various projects (for others mostly... you may have noticed the blog posts here have been a little few and far between... sorry about that) it was time to GET OUTSIDE before it gets annoyingly hot here in Florida.  Well... it was kind of really bright out there today, but I didn't let that stop me, especially since they were going to be testing the fire alarms in the building, and I'm not keen on loud, shrieking alarm noises at random intervals!  After finding a decent, non-time-restricted parking space in a nearby fun mini downtown area, I put in a few hours at one coffeeshop, before walking over to lunch, then into a couple of stores... then realizing that I was only a couple blocks away from a really nice, quiet little park that has some great monkey bars, fireman's pole, etc.  Then all the caffeine and braincells came together for one brief moment of insight... and the hashtag


was born.  Seeing that there were no children to jeer at the "weirdo lady" on the monkey bars talking to her phone, I got brave and decided to do the intro while hanging from the bars and holding on to the phone.  It's very silly, and neither I nor the phone were harmed in the making of this goofy video:

Barbarian Track Day - Another Silly Sounding But Challenging Workout

Silly faux heroic pose with very awesome Stronger Grip MaceThe photo at the left here is my silly attempt at a heroic pose with a very serious piece of exercise equipment from Ryan Pitts of He makes some incredible stuff of fantastic craftsmanship, which if you haven't checked it out, please do so. This exercise mace is down right formidable and while I've gotten better with it (with weight added in the globe) it always manages to keep me on my toes.

It was time for another challenge, so I wrote up a particularly interesting one, and participated in it as well. Self-scaling elements and variations included (these are always in my notebooks where these ideas get scrawled then tested on real human beings before getting shared here).

Won't deny it, I'm not a fan of running, even though I've been told that I'm pretty ok at it, and that I'm reasonably fast.  I do like to sprint on occasion and just go all out for a short period of time, preferably up hill.  At that point its more of an act of defiance than an athletic feat.  Also, at any given time I like to know that I can go and keep going very fast for at least 1/4 mile at a time, far enough to get to or away from something (zombies? regrettable live music?) if necessary.

Like most "track day" challenges this is something only done occasionally, and may or may not fit into the larger "plan" other than as a benchmark or casual assessment. 

The Dead Sandwich Kettlebell Workout, Raaw Macaw Custom Healthy Foods

First off, I'm continuing to still run the poll about "what do you want to see" on this site, and while there's definitely a pattern emerging, its still important to get as much data as possible!  So if you haven't already, please click here and go vote. As much as I want to comment on the "pattern emerging" I don't want to accidentally sway opinions. 

Podcast with Mike Krivka - Upcoming HKC (and why the HKC is so awesome) some Workouts and serious Kettlebell TIPS!

HKC logoUNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! Learn & get certified in professional strength kettlebell essentials w/ Sr RKC Mike Krivka & I in Jacksonville, FL for a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) Workshop.  ALSO please note that the HKC is now approved for 0.8 ACE CECs, and 0.8 NASM CEUs!!!   See you there!! :)

**PODCAST recorded fresh 3/7/2015 DIRECT MP3 LINK** with Mike Krivka ALL ABOUT the HKC and more (Podcast includes the description of 2 workouts, 2 huge kettlebell swing cues, and a bunch of little gems we hope you'll love!)  (Speaking of podcasts, subscribe with iTunes here, or subscribe with RSS/Android here!)

I want you to know... there's a severe backlog of goodies to share with you going on right now.  Multiple workouts, videos.... I need an army of clones to help, but I'm slowly sifting through them for you so that you can enjoy 'em!  This has been a heck of a week!!!

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