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Courthouse Calisthenics Workout....

So, I was called in for jury duty, which of course caused me a whole lot of tooth-gnashing and concern... would I get stuck on something for days and days (my greatest fear), or would they let me go?   The good news - after making me and about 900 other people sit around for most of the day, they ended up not needing me.

Considering the proliferation of snack machines and disturbingly large sugary baked goods for sale, I could see that most people were using this as an excuse to fall off the wagon.   None of that business going on over here, thank you very much.   I packed a protein bar and a bag of almonds and pecans along with a whole lot of books and my iPad - they thankfully had wifi available so no one went completely berzerk.   After sitting around in what was kind of like an airport without airplanes, we were given a lunch break.   I just hopped across the street to Terrace 390 and found they had a 10oz prime beef burger... so I ordered it without bun but with extra lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, dijon mustard... and a slight splurge, my kryptonite: sweet potato fries.   I only ate about 1/3 of them, but they were especially good - with well spaced chunks of sea salt and all that.  And of course a very serviceable double espresso.   After a little bit of digestion, it was time to feel a little better before having to sit sit sit sit sit some more and who knows for how long...  So I found a deserted corner of the courthouse courtyard (wow that's redundant) as to not attract more attention than necessary and did the following moves from Convict Conditioning with minimal rest:

  • Alternating bodyweight pistols 5/side done in a row with no break
  • 5 handstand pushups
  • Alternating pistols again 3/side without stopping
  • 3 handstand push ups
  • Alternating pistols 2/side
  • 2 handstand push ups

Small texting break

  • 3 very slow Inverse Hyperextensions (from the CC dvd and manual about bridging) I do these toes from the ground to overhead (headstand) as a sort of ab exercise too.  The whole move is very slow and very controlled
  • A quick jog across the street to the nice round stop sign pole and it was clutch flag time - 2 per side, counting to 15-20, alternating of course
  • A tree with a low smooth barked limb allowed for extra credit with 5 strict tactical pull ups and a couple hanging leg raises (watch your shins on that branch!)

Then it was time to go back inside.    With a little creativity, and willingness to pay a good bit for a decent lunch, I managed to make things ok!

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