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RKC Classic Kettlebells

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Kettlebell swings

Heavy Duty Hand to Hand Kettlebell Workouts

The two versions of this workout are a lot of fun, but should only be attempted if you're VERY comfortable with the 1 arm swing.  They also should be performed outside or in a safe area, especially if you're trying 1 arm swings with a heavier kettlebell than usual.   Make sure to always keep your form, stop before things get sloppy.   You will need to use a strong hip hinge/snap to make this work - as well as NO twisting of the torso (if you find you have to REACH to switch hands with the kettlebell, you're probably twisting!)

We warmed up with joint mobility exercises, a few 2 hand kettlebell swings, and some deadlifts.

Moderate Kettlebell version:

5 rounds of:

Mega-Swing Monday: A Kettlebell Workout and Swing Practice

Mega Mondaaaaaayyyyy or something like that!   This workout is a good example of how you can make a workout out of "just a bunch of kettlebell swings" without it being boring.  Personally I don't find swings to be at all boring, but I'm thinking about each and every rep.  You should be too.

This is an intermediate-advanced sort of thing so, don't dive into it if you're not ready.   Practicing swings at a moderate weight is still totally effective.   BUT here's how we mixed it up today!

Simplicity Workout

Monday I decided to give the beginners group a mini intro to the much beloved or hated (depends on the day and who you are...?!) Sissy Challenge.  They went on the moderate/light sized kettlebell side of things, but if you want to ramp up the "fun" use a heavy kettlebell for this one:


Start with your favorite Joint Mobility warm up exercises-

We then continued with the new form of the quick kettlebell warm up from strength coach and good friend Tim Shuman, RKC2:

  • 10 deadlifts, 10 swings

This also allowed me to do some minor form correction and a little "ok, I see we forgot a couple things over the weekend" review.

Leg Attack! Workout with Kettlebell and Sandbag

Lots of fun in the car port of pain today - keeping out of the rain and getting a whole lot of work done...

Choose a moderate to heavy kettlebell (everyone had several to choose from, and made weight adjustments as necessary during the workout), and if possible, at least a 20lb sandbag.   We used the nice little handmade ones I have - they're triple stitched and made to be abused.  Which they were.  Some of the participants seemed to enjoy throwing them on the ground for some reason. Hmmmm.

Start with your joint mobility warm up, and 20-40 two hand swings or a short jog.

Then its time for....   a little bit of stacking workout fun:

Variation on Program Minimum

We have more beginners at the Friday 6pm class here in Winter Park, so its a great day to focus on the basics (which is really something on which EVERYONE should be focusing).  Since everyone could stand to review and continue to progress with their basic kettlebell swing and get up, I designed a very basic plan using a variation of the Enter the Kettlebell program minimum as presented by Dan John on a forum (will try to remember which one!).  Here's what we did:


Joint Mobility Warm Up then....

In 10 minutes as many rounds as possible with PERFECT form, or striving towards it - this is never a race:


3 Servings
Prep time5 minutes

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