Sweet Potato Home Fries


Simple, but always delicious - and not just for breakfast!


2 yam, garnet (I choose small thin ones like in the picture below)
1Tcoconut oil (or bacon fat as pictured!)
3dssea salt, himalayan (to taste)
5dsblack pepper, fresh (to taste)


I choose organic garnet yams, shaped in this way because they are easier to slice into rounds and then sticks - this shape of yam is also very well suited to being cut on a mandolin or v-slicer if you have one.   Totally optional btw - use what you have - sweet potato/yam or equipment wise.  Personally I'm still all about this one chef knife - never even got around to buying an paring knife - it is used for all the cutting tasks here.

Cut the sweet potatos or yams into 1/4" thick slices and then 1/4" sticks (1/4" = 6mm). 





Heat the tablespoon of your chosen cooking fat - coconut oil or like in the picture - BACON DRIPPINGS! (strained from the pan after I baked some organic bacon last week (to the exacting instructions from Mark Sission's Primal Blueprint Cookbook) - and stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator). 



Heat the pan (carefully) on medium then pan fry the sweet potatoes, shaking on a little of the seasonings at a time, stirring/flipping frequently until they are as our occasional muse, Alton Brown would say "GBD" or "Golden Brown and Delicious".  You may eat them as a side dish at this point, tossed into or alongside and omelet or bunless burger - or whatever!


Below is a picture of what I did - which was to reheat some leftover ground pork Asian-ish style lettuce wrap filling from the previous day - and mix it in - delicious!!


Trusty old seasoned cast iron skillet is the preferred cooking vessel for this- but you can slum it with non-stick if you must