Nutritionally Dense Salmon Cheese Dip / Fresh Veggie Stuffing


Low Carb High Fat Nutrient Rick Delicious Salmon Dip

After falling into a canned salmon wormhole the other night, I found a video describing a similar recipe that I wanted to adapt for simplicity. Must admit, I mixed up a batch and have been eating it basically all day with super thinly sliced seedless cucumber "chips" (I serve them with hummus too sometimes) cut with a mandolin. I'm also considering stuffing jalapeno and mini sweet peppers with this dip next time. It would also be great with celery sticks too.


7 1⁄2ozcanned wild red sockeye salmon (I removed the larger bones before adding the contents of the can.)
1⁄2cminced green onions
8ozneufchâtel cheese (You can use cream cheese instead, but I like the moisture of Neufchâtel)
1⁄4ozwalnut pieces (you can use more if you wish)
1 mineral salt to taste (be careful, some brands of salmon are saltier than others)
1 coarsely cracked black pepper (to taste, but I get very heavy handed with the pepper on this one)
1pnpowdered cayenne pepper (Optional)
1pnpowdered smoked paprika (Optional)


This is really simple.

In a large bowl, add the contents of the 7.5 oz can of salmon. I chose to fish out the larger spine bones, but keep the rest in there as long as you are committed to mashing them up. They're a great source of additional nutrients like calcium.  If you do a great job mashing and mixing, no one will know they're even in there! 

Next, add chunks of the Neufchâtel cheese with the minced green onions and mix everything super well. It will take a little longer than you may think for the mixture to become fully combined. Add the salt and pepper to taste, then either turn the mix out onto a serving dish (in a large ball) and top with the walnut pieces and optional spice dusting.  Alternately, you can flatten out the mixture in a shallow dish and top it with the nuts and spices.  I love this with cucumber slices and sliced vegetables. It's also great along with a green salad.

LCHF Salmon Dip Nutrition EstimateThis recipe makes approx. 4 servings, here is the approximate nutritonal info for one serving: