Keto English Muffins, Crumpets, or Breakfast Sandwich Buns


Low Carb Keto Breakfast Sandwiches Crumpets English Muffins

Simple and fast low carb (keto actually) alternative to crumpets or English muffins. 3 net carbs for the entire recipe. ...and I tend to eat the whole recipe...


2 raw egg (Beaten)
1⁄2tbaking powder
2tpsyllium husk powder (can also use non-powdered psyllium husks for a rustic texture)
4Talmond flour
1⁄4thimalayan mineral salt (or your favorite sea salt)
1tcoconut oil


Low Carb Keto Breakfast Sandwiches Crumpets English Muffins procedure instructions


Crack both eggs into the measuring cup and beat with wire wisk or fork, add in baking power, psyllium husk, almond flour, and salt.  Whisk thoroughly so that everything is completely combined and there are no almond flour lumps.  Set aside for five minutes. While the "batter" is sitting (the psyllium husk is absorbing some of the moisture and thickening the batter), heat the griddle on medium and add coconut oil to the pan or griddle.  My cast iron pan is technically "large" but I still can only fit 3 of the egg rings on it at one time.  While the recipe is designed for 4 muffins, sometimes I will only make three slightly larger ones. Your choice!

When pan is hot and the batter is ready, place the egg rings on the griddle/pan according the the manufacturer's instructions. Pour the batter into each ring, making sure that the batter reaches the inside edges of each ring.  Like pancakes, the muffins/crumpets will bubble and look slightly dry on top when it's time to flip them.  Be sure to remove the egg rings before flipping.  Cook just a few minutes on each side.  These cook so quickly that I just stand there with the spatula.  For a real treat you can add goat cheese or a slice of cheese to the top of the muffin after flipping.  I love to make these into extremely upgraded breakfast sandwiches by cooking an egg in the 4th egg ring while heating some ham on the other side of the griddle.  Adding that egg, plus ham and cheese between two of the muffins is extra delicious.

I should also note that these keep well in ziplock bags in the refrigerator after they cool. When you want to eat them, simply reheat them in a toaster oven or under the broiler.

NOTE: These are extremely high fiber, you may want to just eat one at first :)

While I'm not a food scientist, here's the approximate nutrition facts for the recipe above as calculated online (if you eat the entire 3-4 "muffins" from the batch):
Keto Crumpets English Muffins Nutrition Facts Estimation