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Basic But Delicious Roast Chicken

Adapted from Thomas Keller's Favorite Roast Chicken Recipe (I made it even simpler) Much has been said of the Thomas Keller's Favorite Roast Chicken, and it is truly delicious. The original recipe calls for other items like mustard, thyme etc. And they are good. BUT many times I just want a very basic (but tasty) roast chicken. As I usually cook for just one or two, making something that can be adapted in leftovers is very helpful—hence the salt and pepper only version here.

Al Kavadlo Has a Brand New Book Out!

Congratulations to Al Kavadlo, releasing another book, this one focused on what is often (and especially in my case) the missing puzzle piece in strength work... stretching.   Because I am a voracious and often insatiable reader (because I like physical books, my collection is daunting) I have read Stretching Your Boundaries in its entirety!   Pending putting up an "official" review up on Dragon Door, I wanted to let you in on some of my opinions right here.

Due to some odd and awkward past experiences related to yoga and how it is promoted to women here in the states, I am going to confess to you that I've not always had the best attitude towards it.  And while much of my own physical practice has included forms of mobility and movement very closely related to yoga, its often taken on terminology more related to athletic strength or martial arts.  I think of myself as having just enough flexibility, but in constant need of improvement. 

Cold Remedies.... or Leveraging a Cold as an Excuse to Do Strange Things

Managed to catch a real heck of a cold, which doesn't happen often at all.  This is one of those that makes me thankful to be working from home anyway this week.  BUT, it's also a really good excuse to concoct things, and well I've always been a fan of that.   Of course I've already used the cold as an excuse to visit The Salt Room again (click here for a past blog post about that) where I very unceremoniously half-awake-half-asleep feverdreamed some universally motivational ideas better suited to someone with much MUCH more personal charisma.   This did also seem to have a great effect on my general breathing too...

Some Very Inspirational Reading, and Do You Want a Podcast?

It's no secret that the Sweden PCC this past year was a wonderful success.  One of the very big reasons that was the case was the fantastic participants.   Malin Kirjonen was definitely a standout and she was a total blast to talk to.  I think she was born having adventures and travelling around the world.   At a young age she started her career as a trainer by leading a fitness boxing class at just age 16!   THEN you'll have to read the rest of the interview to hear how she fought her way to a national boxing title in Australia while she was there learning more about health and fitness.   Malin is one of those amazing go-getter women who really go after their dreams, and her story is far from over.  So it's a very good idea to get caught up on what's already happened!

Controversial but undeniably relevant, Marty Gallagher has been stirring up debate (and emotions) with his Iron Bible Blog.  Warning, occasionally the language gets PG-13 in places.  However his most recent post is absolutely one of my all time favorites.  If you're looking for a serious reality check and how to work past some workout (or life) hangups... then absolutely read his most recent post, How to Dissolve the "Little Man Inside Your Head"  Don't be scared off by the title, this gets very interesting. 

Another Workout Inspired by Code Name: Indestructible...

Code Name: Indestructible Book CoverIn Code Name: Indestructible, one of the cool workouts that Mike created and included has a really neat rhythm to it -- Admittedly, I've been making a whole lot of little workout variations with this same pattern *click here for another*.   I've even made a little set of them for a distance client looking for some "metcon" style fun.   If you're short on time, equipment, and attention-span these can be especially useful.  As always, great form or you're done.   As Mercedes Benz says, "The best or nothing" (useful phrase for cleaning out closets as well).  The same thing applies as I say AMRASP (as many rounds as sanely possible).  Keep it safe people, injuries are things to be avoided!

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