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Hyperwear Gear

Hyperwear weight vests, sandbells, steel bells
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SUPER Easy Pecan Crust Sweet Potato Pie - Paleo and Primal

Seriously easy, deceptively decadent, simple and delicious paleo/primal compliant sweet potato pie. And the crust can be used for other easy recipes like quiches, etc. I've even used to to make coconut custard pie recently too (recipe forthcoming I need to make some adjustments to it first)

Active Rest Can Be a LOT of Fun!

Dear Northern Friends,

Sorry to gloat about the good weather we are having this weekend, but it was so nice outside today that a friend and I decided to walk to a nearby park and set up our slacklines.  The very cool thing was also realizing that the next time, we could pick up picnic items on the way and really turn it into a day long outdoor fun time.  Can't complain about how it turned out though, and because I remembered that there were 2 additional pedestrian entry points to the park, the walk there was even more fun.   Walking through nature trails to reach slackline-friendly areas was a LOT than just streets and sidewalks...

Curating Reality for Happiness and Hyperproductivity

The absolute beginning of the biggest improvements in my adult life came when I started imagining not just what would be "good enough" but what would be "ideal".  Thing is, you can always scale back from the ideal, or work up to the ideal--but the act of thinking of the ideal at all can help (at least it helped me) remove some self-imposed barriers I had no idea even existed!   I was "driving with the parking brake on" so to speak.   And I think this is in some degree human nature, especially in "these trying economic times" etc.   But let's not limit ourselves...   The key to this exercise is

DVRT with Josh Henkin, Website Direction, a Little Challenge...

It's been a whirl-wind lately...

After learning more about Josh Henkin's DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag during a recent photoshoot (Josh's DVRT book will be published by Dragon Door in April) I was intrigued to say the very least.   So this past weekend I braved the cold of NYC to attend the DVRT level 1 and 2 workshops right in the heart of Manhattan.  What a great trip!   I'll be doing a full write up of both days shortly, but wanted to let you know what's on the way.  

Simple Workout With Classic Kettlebell Moves

Sometimes it's a very good thing to keep it simple, and often with kettlebells and bodyweight you'll notice that there's a great power in keeping things simple.  The same is overwhelmingly true as described by Marty Gallagher in his most recent post on barbell training over at the blog.  And while I don't personally do a whole heck of a lot of barbell training, Marty's barebones simple approach is one to understand, acknowledge, and implement--regardless your prefered fitness tools.

That being said, on any given day if you just don't know what to do with yourself workout wise (and that shouldn't really happen because I hope you're following a coach or program, but the "real world" is in effect...), a good solution is to revisit our old favorites the swing and the get-up.   The following variation on that theme uses the RKC 5 minute snatch test (I like to do it from time to time and make sure I'm continuing to maintain/progress my conditionioning).  For the details of the 5 minute test, and the complete testing requirements of the new upgraded RKC, please click here... I'm tired of seeing people debate the requirements online when they can just GO TO THE SOURCE on and read the most current, updated facts.  Sure, that's not a dramatic solution, but it sure saves time and frustration.   I don't have time for needless arguments and neither do you! :)

Here's what we did for a simple but interesting workout:

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Master The Kettlebell: How to Develop High-Level Skills in Movement, Power Generation and Strength—Using the World’s Single Best Tool for the Job by Master RKC, Max Shank.

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