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Dale's raw protein bars

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Hyperwear Gear

Hyperwear weight vests, sandbells, steel bells
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Skoop A-Game "Chocofresh" Superfood Powder

Type of Product: 
  • Organic ingredients
  • Mild taste (not like some out there! OOF!)
  • Good with just water, fantastic with other things
  • Detailed labeling
  • Not too sweet
  • Low sugar!
  • Ingredient list reads like an organic food delivery wishlist of the stars
  • NO soy lecitin (those who have allergies to soy lecithin or are avoiding all soy will be happy to know it just uses sunflower lecithin!)
  • Pricey, but good value. If it was too inexpensive, I'd be suspicious
  • Contains stevia, if you are sensitive, steer clear (I'm not, but wanted you to know)
  • Says "Chocofresh" doesn't taste too chocolate-y (does taste good though)
Skoop A-Game bag and mixed in a glass with water

**Disclosure** I was sent free product for review, and lucky for them I really like it.... because you know I only review things I like. They must have known this too, since it took me a while to get around to this review, and they've been checking in on me wondering if all is well (totally understandable)!  All is VERY well and I love Healthy Skoop A-Game read below to hear why:

Advanced Partner Workout - It's Also Scaleable!

Admittedly, this advanced partner workout borders on just a little bit silly, but it is also a whole heck of a lot of fun.  It works well for people who are fairly close in athletic abilities, but it is super easy to adapt it for very advanced or intermediate partner possibilities. 

Also, there's a somewhat excessive amount of cool fitness toys in this one, and that's mainly due to a "just because we can" situation -- all in a blissful airconditioned space with multiple pull up stations etc.  (Granted if you had seen us after this workout you might have thought we had been outside in the 90 degree heat with 100% humidity...)

Baba Ganoush Simplified

Roasted eggplant dip simplified for "make ahead and enjoy later" ease! AKA what to do with that one eggplant the organic food coop included in your basket this week.

My Not-So-Secret Secret Workout Protocol...

Not always a big fan of crowds, so when my neighborhood gets overrun with partiers I usually end up hunkering down and getting a lot of work done. The cost of this is at some point I need to really jump around and burn off some extra energy. Since I’ve been developing recipes I wanted to work up a good appetite to try them too.

This past week I had the opportunity to teach a very cool lady (out of town) how to use the DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbags, and of course this got me even more excited about them in the process. I could tell she would have REALLY liked to have bought one or both of them from me that day, but NOPE MINE MINE MINE!!! Besides, they’re both set up for “learning” right now, being not-so-sloshily filled with (glorious smelling) Thai jasmine rice (it was on sale in 50lb bags…). Readers of this blog probably already figured out I don’t eat much (if any) grain, but I will admit to the occasional sushi rice and if it’s been a particularly crazy day (or a workshop) I will eat at least half of whatever Thai jasmine rice is brave enough to sit on a plate with meat and veggies. It’s mainly the smell though.


Japanese Steakhouse Inspired Ginger Salad Dressing or Marinade

A good friend of mine once remarked that she didn't think she could ever get enough of those little ginger dressing salads that are sometimes served at Japanese or sushi restaurants. You know the ones with the magical dressing that transforms plain old iceberg lettuce and some half-hearted carrot shreds into a treat that you eat every bite of (I even do this with chop sticks... very quickly).

I've been making an "eeehhhhh that looks right" eyeballed version of it for years using a small blender cup and some very basic ingredients. So I gave her a big jar of it, and tried to make her promise that she wouldn't just tip up the jar and chug. She refused to make any promises, and I just didn't want to ask at that point.

Kettlebell Goddess Workout DVD

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