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Come to the 1-Day Strength Calisthenics Certification in Houston

Come to the Houston, TX SCC (Strength Calisthenics Certification) workshop I'm leading in April! It's a ONE day, entry level version of the PCC (Progressive Calisthenics Certification) and we're cramming a LOT into these one day events. SCC is especially useful for those of us who work with beginners and everyday athletes who aspire to build a STRONG foundation for all their activities, sports, etc. You'll learn how to use and teach powerful calisthenics exercises which do not require a gym or special equipment. If you are a trainer who is highly mobile or does in-home training, then absolutely check this out... Imagine showing up with maybe a mat and not much else... and delivering INSANE results for your clients/students. Let me show you how!!! See you in Houston - Click here to sign up today!

The Power of Simple At-Home Workouts... Example: Sandbag and Pull Up Bar

At home workouts can be super challenging, here's a cool one

Impatient people can click here to skip to the workout and video

A pattern I've seen for years (and have also personally experienced) is that the more advanced you get, the less you really need. While there's always a seemingly human-nature-fueled thirst for gadgets and gizmos, and while new stuff can be motivating and a lot of fun (and I certainly have a first class collection of workout goods) it's important to remember that we can do a whole lot with less, or next to nothing. I can remember a time when I thought I needed specially timed meals, protein shakes and a whole gym full of machines and treadmills to be in shape. Of course the funny part was I always felt like I was still missing something--no matter how many "for women" fitness articles (and watch out, guys... there's plenty of goofiness in your media too) I read or how many times I tried the polite pretty workouts contained within.

Ask GiryaGirl: I Only Have One or Two Kettlebells, What Else Can I Do? What is Your Skincare Routine?

Ask GiryaGirl

First off, there's been a TON of especially great stuff on the Dragon Door blogs these past couple weeks/months... If you haven't already, visit and bookmark the RKC Blog, the PCC Blog, and the Strong Medicine Blog for a curated steady stream of great info every week.

Q: I only have one kettlebell, it's the one I started with so it's a little light for most of the things I've been practicing... what do I do until I can order more later this month?

A: Last week's RKC blog from Josh Henkin brought up some ideas that are really great if you have or haven't already heard them.  They're extremely valuable for kettlebell instructors, enthusiasts, and especially people who like to work out at home or when they just have access to one or two kettlebells.  As we all know, a good quality kettlebell like the ones from Dragon Door will last a lifetime, but they are not cheap.  Personally, I think it's a great idea to just get one good kettlebell for a while until you're ready to step up--instead of getting a crummy cheap kettlebell that chews up your hands. Josh's article has all kinds of great ideas for when you're working with limited kettlebell resources... or even if you have nearly pairs of every size as I do, for those times when you just want to take one to the park, the beach, the lake, wherever and get a complete workout with just one kettlebell.

Some highlights from his post with some additional commentary:

How a Google Search Led to a Keto Pizza Recipe and Weight Loss for Two Friends

Finished delicious keto pizza with pepperoni, cheese, and fresh basil!

A very funny thing happened a couple weeks ago, I was chatting with an old friend (she's not old, but our friendship is... in fact, she's one of a few people who was originally a customer of my old jewelry biz, and who has become a friend over the years.  Some of my online friendships are VERY old, in fact, my oldest maintained online friendship will "turn 20" next year.) While we were chatting back and forth she asked me about ketogenic diets, a topic I had not specifically thought about for a while.  I've experimented fairly deeply with lower carb, Primal, and Paleo diets for a few years now, and for over six years have stuck with extremely low to no grains (I've been known to eat an average of about 1 tortilla every 1.5 weeks), zero processed sugars, 99% organic (at home at least), and with my carb sources mainly being things like fruits, vegetables, and of course very dark chocolate.  While the way I habitually eat doesn't have any sort of patented name, label, or catchy catch phrase, I will occasionally jokingly refer to it as "Yuppie Atkins". This is ,ainly to highlight the lower(ish) carb aspect and poke fun at my need for upscale, ridiculously high quality foods. 

So, instead of just racking my brain for keto snacks and before sending over a few of my own recipes that happen to be on the very low carb side (including my fun chicken "fried rice" made from cauliflower), I did a search on Google and found this odd URL... "Ruled.Me" It was just weird enough to click on. 

Revenge of the Franken-Workout!!

Revenge of the Franken-Workout

These past couple of weeks there have been a number of really cool ideas out there in the kettlebell and advanced fitness world. These combined with the need of the kettlebell small group to work on technique inspired me to create this intermediate-level full body kettlebell workout with a middle portion that focuses on fine tuning technique for kettlebell swings and snatches.  There's some extra stuff added in to make this a full body workout including an "extra credit" mini circuit at the end.

Happy Monkey Bar Monday -- with Monkey Bar Alternative! [VIDEO]

Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend! I've been meaning to make more #MonkeyBarMonday videos, and when I drove by the park between errands realized that some people seem to have today off, so there were actually quite a few kids and families on the monkey bars. It was more than enough of an excuse to avoid any 5-year-olds and their "Mommy, why's that lady on our monkey bars? And what's wrong with her hair?" situations. So, remembering a super fun (and pretty challenging) monkey bar alternative drill from Jon Bruney's Neuro-Mass: The Ultimate System for Spectacular Strength (pull-up bar walk pages 172-173 where you'll find some fun photo examples from Matt Maher and myself)

Rings of Power by Mike GIllette

Rings of Power by Mike Gillette Cool new book from Mike Gillette about Ring Training for all fitness levels. Being on this shoot with Mike was like working with a real live action hero! (And I got to put a cinderblock on him too!) Mike knows his stuff and shares everything you need to know for his versatile go-anywhere ring training.  Full progressions of every exercise, workout plans, and all the know-how to take the training as far as you wish. Good stuff, and yes, that's me on the left side of the cover  :)


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