33 Degrees of Happy Birthday - a Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workout

It's always a lot of fun to make up a little birthday themed workout for members of my kettlebell small group classes. Yesterday was no exception - though odd numbered ages are always an interesting challenge.  The participants in yesterday's advanced class were told to get 2 kettlebells - one on the heavy side (for 2 hand swings, the ladies chose 20kg and 24kg—told you this was an advanced class...), and one on the light side (able to press continually for moderate reps).

Since everyone loves Primal Move, we used it as our warm up, and a few extras to get us going.

Then it was time to get it done!


First Circuit:

Three Rounds of:

Part 2 with lighter kettlebell, each round done straight through if safely possible

3 (or more if you wish) rounds of:

Last but not least:

4 non-stop rounds of:

We then finished up again with Primal Move drills.  This was a great time!!

Sidenote - this is a very cool - the Convict Conditioning Log Book - all kinds of interesting extras in there as well. Even though I can't wait for it to come out in print too, this will give the ability to print extra log book pages down the road. I have to go to kinkos today anyway, having used my original CC book so much, I'm having to get it re-bound. Convict Conditioning Training Log: