Yes, "but you're different" and other interesting excuses for unhealthy eating on the road...

The question of the day was "Well if you don't eat at McDonald's and you're on the road and extremely hungry, what do you do?"   Usually accompanied by the phrase that I like to rail against with actions every day "Well, you know you gotta."   No, I don't "gotta," there are always other ways.  Raise the flag of rebellion!  Decent snacking in the face of mass marketed crap food! Because, as my friend and fellow RKC, Jen Sinkler says - Being Healthy is a Revolutionary Act!

Usually this problem doesn't really happen with me - because I always have SOME kind of snack - usually raw nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts), an apple or two, and/or high end jerky (Tanka Bar, Ostrim, etc.) sometimes I'll bring along bars from Greens+ or Larabar.  Occasionally I'll put all the dry ingredients of a protein shake into a clean and dry blender bottle, that way, when it's snack time, just add water and shake.   You'll also be hard pressed to find me anywhere without some extremely dark chocolate at hand.  Alternately Primal or Paleo cookies (I make mine more like very nutty scones), or coconut flour, eggs and pumpkin based muffins.   In a pinch I was coming back from a friend's house (I was house sitting) and had a small container of pre-cooked grass fed hamburger patties.   Not wanting to stop, at a red light I ate one cold - pretty sure it looked like I was eating a cookie.   I don't expect that "normal" people would want to do that, but it sure was 1,000 times better than having to go to a fast food restaurant and not only suffer the gut-punch pain, but also the knowledge that I've eaten something so diametrically opposed to my health and fitness goals that it isn't even funny.

NOW - assuming for some reason I haven't done any of that, or more realistically, gnomes have stolen my snacking bag.  What would I do?!   Here are the easy solutions:



So there you go - no excuses, and no more thinking that you can't do it, and that I'm some kind of hyper-self-disciplined weirdo.  Errrr whatever.