A Fast and "Foxy" EMOM Workout for Kettlebells and Bodyweight

In the course of working on a top secret special video project (hinted at the other day on social media) I've recently reintroduced the sumo squat back into my regular workout rotation. For fun, I decided to add it into this little 12 minute EMOM workout - I basically did it as a break, as there is more workout to come this evening with some skill and more max strength work. BUT I felt like doing a couple of other things first between some work tasks.

I also knew that the gray foxes might come around this time of night and I wanted to try and see them. The other day near dusk, one of my training clients and I saw one, though I didn't get a good look at it (I was watching my client after all).

Two gray foxes had the good manners to show up right in the middle of the EMOM workout, so full disclosure I did half and then pressed pause to watch the foxes run along that back of the yard where the wild persimmons are now dropping, and where I've also seen some rabbits. Makes sense that the foxes would be there since according to the NC wildlife website, they like to eat both of those things.

Can't blame them to be honest. I enjoy persimmons and roast rabbit. Raw rabbit? Not so much, the foxes can have all of that for themselves. This was a long winded way to say if you want to take a short break after round 5 or 6, then I can't blame you.

After doing a mobility warmup inside, and attempting to record a video of a very strange pullup variation, I started in on the workout. For simplicity, and because I knew it was rapidly going to get dark out there, I only brought my RKC snatch test weight kettlebell, the 14kg. Also, I'm doing some heavy stuff later anyway.

SO! Set your interval timer to chime every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 12 minutes (or more if you feel like it) and do the following in order at the top of each minute:

Upon remembering that I was first RKC certified around this time of year SEVEN YEARS AGO (!!!!!) I was remembering a favorite "Pavelism" from that time. It was a joke about "when do you get to rest?"  A brief synopsis of the tale was that basically a bunch of guys from the Russian army were digging a ditch and were told that they could rest when the dirt was flying in the air. So, if you really shovel hard, you can rest a few seconds longer. That absolutely applies to the EMOM workout. Do all the reps well, but do not dilly-dally and you'll have enough time to compose yourself between rounds, even if you do not take a break to check out the local wildlife that's wandered into the yard.
Twelve minutes of this workout will give you some pretty good numbers: 24 pullups, 120 kettlebell snatches, 60 sumo squats. Not bad at all. If you are wondering, I'm planning to do more pullups tonight along with more practice towards the "dragon pistol", some heavy long presses, and maybe another calisthenic skill item. We'll see.