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Weekend Kickoff Workout in the Carport

For the 2nd time this week, I've had sweat literally drip off of my face (nose and/or chin) onto the ground, usually there's plenty reason to perspire anyway, but it doesn't usually splash on the ground.  The first time this week was due to the beast swing challenge initiated on facebook plus some Primal Move related crawling around afterwards. 

"Uncle Iron Tamer" came up with: "How Many Times Can You Swing the Beast Kettlebell in 30 minutes"  I scaled it down due to some other Convict Conditioning related things I had to do - plus... I didn't honestly want to swing the beast kettlebell quite that much.   I shortened my version of the challenge down to 10 minutes, and was pleased to get a somewhat respectable 105 swings in... due to the humidity grip was quite an issue - to the point of which I had to get out the much-loathed chalk.  RKCs from all over participated in one way or another and posted their comments, rep numbers etc. in various places on facebook, so that was a whole lot of fun really.   I love swinging the beast - I only outweigh it by about 20lbs, so anything else I swing after it feels like it's made of styrofoam.


Yes, it's been incredibly humid here in Central Florida, but... that's not an excuse to skip working out.  Obviously.   The questionable weather is also no excuse... hence the carport workout.    The building's beams, poles, and i-beam ridge on the bottom of the staircase provide some great additions as well.   Remember, when using found structures for your workouts (no matter what they are) always check them for stability, strength, safety, etc.   I also make sure that there's no extraneous grunge or poisonous spiders lurking.  

Normally I don't have a class on Friday, it's become a (weather permitting in the soft grass) group Primal Move practice day, or when the ground is muddy or, the weather threatening, a sort of challenge workout day.   And it gets ADVANCED, but a lot of learning and discovery seems to happen at these times—for everyone involved, and we make sure to always keep it safe.

Here's what happened today (with less intense alternatives in brackets, when in doubt, go lighter, don't be silly)

Joint Mobility Warmup, 20 2 hand swings to continue the warm up

4 Rounds of:

  • 30 total alternating 1 arm swings (moderate to heavy - RKC Snatch Test Weight or heavier)
  • Kettlebell Rows 5/side (again moderate to heavy)
  • pistols 3/side [alternatives: assisted w/ TRX or door frame, or pistols to a box, or 6 perfect goblet squats]
  • 3-5 fingertip pullups [or fingertip straight arm hangs for time, or bar hangs]

After a short rest and incoherent babbling we moved onto a final circuit:

3 rounds of:

  • 1 Dragon Flag [or 3-5 "evil wheel" rollouts from the knees, or strict RKC plank for 30sec]
  • 10 HEAVY 2-hand kettlebell swings with impeccable form [us girls used 32kg and 24kg for instance, choose what you can do with great form above all]
  • 5/side slingshot "around the world" with moderate kettlebell

We ended our session with Joint Mobility and a WHOLE LOT of water.   And I should probably rinse out the carport tomorrow...

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