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Wednesday's Wicked Circuits - Kettlebell and Optional TRX Workout

Another drizzly day yesterday, similar to the one which inspired the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Workout some weeks ago.  Which the participants really seemed to enjoy - one even requested "more workouts like that one!"   For whatever reason, my group seems to like circuit workouts that require them to move through a few different "stations"   We bring out a large assortment of kettlebells, a big piece of indoor-outdoor carpet (thanks, Costco!), a TRX (which is great for a mixed level group like mine, everyone can make the necessary adjustments by varying their angle, foot position, etc. quickly).   Since my participants seem to lose their short term memory quickly (things get intense, what can I say? quotes like "omg I can feel the fat burning off of me right now aaaaa!" are often heard.) I decided to write the exercises on these bright yellow notecards which also denoted each station.   Amusingly enough, it didn't seem to help much - but what can I say, we're an intense group and I suspect SOME of them ask an extra question or two to get a few more precious seconds of rest.   (I've been onto you for a couple months, guys.... sorry.)  Enough babbling.  


Grab your usual kettlebell and if you wish, one heavier and one lighter than usual to scale up or down as needed.  Also necessary, your Gymboss Timer or a stopwatch, and if you've got it - a TRX Suspension Trainer (alternative exercises are included below)


Warm up with Joint Mobility and a few swings - 10-20 with your moderate kettlebell.

First Circuit - spend 1 minute at each station, SAFELY doing your best - stop and rest when your exercise form begins to suffer.  Walk around and keep moving!  You have 15 seconds to switch between stations, so stay alert.

  • Kettlebell Swings - your choice of 1 or 2 handed variety
  • TRX Power Pull exercise* or if no TRX is available, Try a side plank, 30 seconds on each side
  • Burpees
  • Kettlebell Renegade Rows (minus the push up) keeping body "square" and not twisting to compensate.
  • Rest

Repeat this circuit 2-3 times depending on your abilities and time available then.... move on to circuit 2! 

Again, 1 minute at each "station" and with 15 seconds to switch.

Repeat this circuit 2-3 times again depending on your ability and available time.

Cool down with some mindful Get Up practice (light or no weight if you wish) and joint mobility.


Always remember to manage your fatigue by continuing to move around during the rest periods, as always, take extra rest if you need it.


*If performed correctly this is such a great almost full body exercise - and its REALLY FUN to do for some reason.

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