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How Do You Roast Vegetables?!

Zooming down I4 today on the way to meet up with some friends who have fantastic production company here in town when I hear my phone make that message sound.   Finally after parking I see that its from a good friend and fellow RKC Level 2, and she's written something slightly cryptic:

"How do you roast vegetables?"

Immediately thinking of roasting about 5 different veggies off the top of my head I reply "which ones?!?!" then think of how it would be cool to write a general guide to roasting vegetables... hmmmm.    Because not only is it easy, it tastes great and leaves you free to cook other things while they are safely roasting away in the oven.

The following is a quick basic guide and not to be taken as pure science.  Every oven is different and pretty much, most of them lie, so check your veggies for doneness as they cook:

Veggie Roasting Chart
Vegetable Temperature Prep Method Time
Asparagus 350-400 F slather in olive or coconut oil, salt+pepper 20-25 min, flipping once if you wish
Parsnips 400 F Sliced into 1/4" thick coins, oil, pepper, salt 30-40min flipping once
Beets 350-375 F Scrubbed, quartered, oil and salt covered baking dish, approx 1 hr or until tender, flip once.
Green Beans 375-400 F Ends trimmed, oil and salt, one layer on a cookie sheet 20-25 Mins, flipping once
Butternut Squash 400 F Cut in half longways, scoop out the seeds, coat with oil, salt and pepper Put on baking pan or cookie sheet, cut sides facing up, bake 25 mins or until tender
Sweet Potatoes 400 F Choose small sweet potatoes.  Scrub, prick with fork all over, rub with a little oil Bake approx 45mins or until tender
Zucchini 400-425 F Trim stem and end, quarter lengthwise.  Oil, salt, pepper 15 mins, checking every 5 minutes or so
Carrots 400 F Choose slim carrots, trim tops and ends, peel if you want.  Oil, salt, pepper. approx 35 mins, checking for tenderness and flipping once
Red Bell Peppers 500 F Halve and remove seeds, stems, ribs.  Put on cookie sheet with cut sides down. Roast carefully until slightly charred, approx 15 mins. Be careful!


Hope this is a good starting point for you, please try some more adventurous seasonings, as I have just listed the absolute bare minimum.  Adding minced garlic etc to some of these would be great.   Let me know what you come up with!


Additional fun things like roasted cauliflower, and roasted Brussels sprouts (that anyone would like) are featured in the Primal Blueprint Cookbook :)


Thanks! I'm going to try

Thanks! I'm going to try roasting this weekend.


This is great! LOVE roasted

This is great! LOVE roasted veggies. My favorite is roasted cauliflower!


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