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The 32kg Sandwich Workout Scheme for Fun, Strength, and Power

I'd gotten it into my head that for a few workouts I wanted to do at least 100 swings with the 32kg kettlebell. For my size that sounds like a lot, but it's actually not too bad--after training with kettlebells for many years and having solid form with swings (which I am still improving...)

The 32kg Kettlebell Workout Scheme

There's no such thing as "perfect". Improvements can always be made. There's so much more we can always aspire to--if we don't egotistically say that we're "done". I'll be done with improving my exercise form when I'm dead. All of that babbling aside, it's a terrible idea to Swing heavy if you aren't ready for it... it's just not worth it!

Get the form down solid, so that you'll do the right thing under load.  Making a mistake with a 12kg kettlebell is one thing, making a mistake with 32kg is quite another entirely. This is part of the reason I make my students treat the 12kg with the same respect and habits as the 32kg.

With that in mind, if you've been training with an RKC instructor, are safely swinging solid, and have experience going heavy, then this can be a fun workout. You can work  on power while working on other basic lifts.  If you are not too confident in your swings, but want to get some practice in, there's never any harm in going with a light or moderate kettlebell that will allow you to get solid, quality practice. Going too heavy too soon can lead to bad habits from compensations made for the weight itself. Ego has no place in the choice of kettlebell sizes. I have more respect for someone swinging a light kettlebell very well than someone swinging anything heavy poorly. I won't be impressed with their use of heavy weight, I'll be concerned that they may injure themselves or others nearby.

Either version of "the sandwich" is best after a good warm up that includes joint mobility, some RKC Arm Bars and your other favorites to get going...

Here's the first version of The 100x 32kg Sandwich "Openface"

5 times...

Then I grabbed one 16kg kettlebell and did an alternating squat, then press pyramid:

  • clean the 16kg kettlebell on the right, squat once, then return to standing. Presss the kettlebell once, then switch hands and repeat on the left.
  • clean the 16kg kettlebell on the right, squat twice, then return to standing, Press the kettlebell twice, then switch hands and repeat on the left.
  • ...........all the way to 5 or 6 reps (or more or less depending on your level, remember only good reps, no crummy reps!!)
  • then work your way back down. For example, clean the 16kg kettlebell once, squat four times, then press the kettlebell four times, switch hands and repeat on the left
  • three times squat, three times press both sides
  • two times, both sides
  • then one squat and one press - both sides.

Then because I hadn't done them in a while I did three sets of 10 very slow, controlled one-leg deadlifts with a single 16kg kettlebell. After doing all that other stuff, this was a "fun" balance challenge that I was glad no one saw.

Finally, I ended the "sandwich" with...

and of course a joint mobility cooldown.

The Second version of the 32kg Sandwich is a little more 50/50:

I began with joint mobility of course and a couple of light swings, then went right into the mouth of madness with:


  • 10 32kg kettlebell swings
  • Medium-heavy farmer's walk (at least thats how it feels for me with 1x32kg and 1x36kg switching hands before walking back)


  • 5 reps 16kg double kettlebell squats
  • 10 total alternating spiderman pushups (I do these slow and low)


A cooldown and a SHOWER was in order after that! :)

Let me know if you try a version of "The Sandwich"!!


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