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The Scorcher: a Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workout

For whatever reason it seemed like we all had a bit of extra energy to burn off this week, so I planned a real fun one.  Part challenge, part skills, part mobility, with a little extra dose of extreme cardio (it is if the kettlebell swings are heavy enough).  I am super proud to report that my little band of kettlebell buddies are so advanced at this point that everyone who showed up on Tuesday did their heavy swings with the 32kg. And we ONLY do legit swings on my watch, so the amount of sheer power generated by this small training group is very off the charts.

I really can't brag on them enough -- they're a force of nature at this point. We work out in a very private gym, so they're really kind of in a vacuum.  The frame of reference is very skewed, but when one went on vacation and was pretty much unstoppable at high altitudes, then the idea started sinking in, "I'm able to do more now in my 30s than ever before..."

The same is true for me.  The other day I was giving myself a hard time about some arbitrary metric I'd set for myself and took a step back.  These "problems" are a blessing to have.  While preparing for an RKC-II recert recently it was very fun to reflect on how all this started (you can find the now-somewhat-embarrassing detailed account of my very first RKC workshop on this site under "workshop experiences" an area that is in drastic need of updating!) and how much progress has happened since 2010.  Some of it is physical, most is confidence. So, if someone has told you that it's too late for you to make a healthy change, or that "it all falls apart after thirty" I can tell you with complete confidence that neither of those situations are true.  OK!  Enough babbling!

Enter the Scorcher:

We began with a simple joint mobility warm up, followed by the Trifecta from CC2. To complete the warm up, we did 50 2-hand continuous swings with what I'd call a "moderately heavy" kettlebell (for me that's about 18-20kg).  Following that we did some fingertip push up HOLDS (From the knees or the feet, be safe!  I did these from the knees and that was plenty).

First circuit was "on your own time" four rounds of:

  • 30 Battling rope throws
  • 10 Heavy kettlebell swings
  • 25 Push ups (feet or knees, but no cheating! Break it up if you need to)

Second circuit "on your own time" five rounds of:

  • 20 Hanging knee raises
  • 3 Bridge holds

Finally, a little timed circuit 30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest/transition (we did 3 rounds):

Last we did our Primal Move cooldown and a little bit of troubleshooting too.

After you saw us, you might of thought we had worked out outside in the 95 degree heat!


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