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A Triplet of Circuits for Kettlebell and Bodyweight

Given that the rain had blown into the "hardest core gym in 32789*" aka my large covered parking spot, we moved class to the unused corner of the courtyard, bringing along an assortment of relatively light kettlebells for guys and gals (I'd suggest multiples of 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg), and taking advantage of the nearby concrete benches.   We had a few people join us who have been away for a little while so I decided to make a Monday workout that they could slow down or speed up as necessary, also the snatches could be swapped out for 1 arm swings etc. etc.   These circuits are also another great opportunity to practice and improve your kettlebell swings, squats, and snatches.  There's no excuse for sloppy or unsafe form - take a break and/or swap out for a lighter weight.   And I know it's been said 1,000 times, but since we have an influx of new readers, I can't stress the importance of finding a good RKC or HKC in your area to teach and coach you through the kettlebell movements if you're a beginner.  Even if you're not a beginner, its great to check in with an RKC.  Sometimes a bunch of us RKCs, HKCs, etc. will get together, critique each other, help each other out, try new coaching techniques, and have a whole lot of fun learning and sharing.  Yes, we do this stuff for fun on our weekends too - we love it - so why not?!  Long story short - check in with a trusted pro from time to time - it's always worth it!


Back to the class... we started out with our favorite Super Joints inspired joint mobility exercises then started right in with the first circuit:

Repeat 3 times, resting as necessary, but always keep moving!

  • 20 two hand kettlebell swings
  • 20 Leg raises (from the ground, press or "breathe" your lower back into the ground - if you feel it pop up, stop and reset)  If you're advanced and have access to a pull up bar, feel free to do 10 hanging leg raises or a slight regression thereof instead
  • 20 Push Ups (from the feet or knees, I don't care, but I do require you keep those abs tight and protect your back!)
  • 2 x goblet squat with kettlebell and 30 second pause at the bottom
  • Rest

Circuit #2 - Again, repeat 3 times

  • 20 alternating backward lunges, kettlebell held in front of the chest by the "horns"
  • 10 per arm snatches, or 1 arm swings (20 total)
  • 20 step ups per side (alternate legs and count to 40, its easier)
  • rest

Circuit #3 - Guess what! Repeat 3 times!


Finish up with some farmers walks, racked carries, or overhead carries - and of course your favorite joint mobility exercises and plenty of water.

*Still unchallenged!  We have built in "ab stations" perfect for dragon flag practice, beat that!


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