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Fry the Abs on Friday - a Kettlebell and Friends Workout

I'm still working on the review of Convict Conditioning 2 that I wanted to post last night, except that I of course got sucked back into the book when I was referencing specific parts for the review and ended up just reading it all over again.   Did I mention it's really good?   Anyway..... in celebration of doing clutch flags in the the park yesterday, I made a fun Friday circuit workout with a little bit of focus on the lateral chain.  

Always start with joint mobility - In addtion to the moves in Super Joints, I really like the warm up sequence in the HKC manual - and will be further reviewing that over the weekend.

Since we focused on some pieces of the get up on Monday, we put it all together today - and did some intense practice - when you're in the right mental state, practicing get ups without weight, and slowly, can be a real challenge.  One of my favorite challenges, interestingly enough.

I like to make Friday a day with a little more "variety" so out came the Battling Rope and the weird little 20lb sandbag along with a selection of what I like to call "moderate" kettlebells.. for women who train with me, this usually means 12kg, 14kg, 16kg - for guys usually 14kg, 16kg, 20kg  but definitely adjust to your ability, or if it feel heavy or light to you.

Get out the gymboss... set it up for 30 seconds work, 20-30seconds rest (advanced: shorten the rest period!)

Do 2-3 rounds of:

We then did a quick review of 1 arm swings and did a couple sets of 10 per hand and a few "slingshots" (aka "around the worlds")

Then... out came the Battling ropes!  We split into 2 groups:

Two rounds of:

  • 30 seconds A: Side plank right, B:Battling Rope "up downs"
  • 30 seconds A: Side plank left, B: Battling rope "Side to sides"
  • 30 seconds A: Battling Rope "up downs", B:Side plank right
  • 30 seconds A: Battling Rope "side to sides"; B: Side plank left

Next, we alternated between 30 seconds of Russian Twist (with kettlebell) and RKC style plank for 3 rounds total (of both)

Finish up with intensive practice of the get up - they switched between the seven moves (in order) as "narrated"  Those new to the moves had time to process the info and follow along, those who were already very familiar with the get up had the added challenge of a slower get up - which is it's own interesting drill. 

End with joint mobility and plenty of water!

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