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Choose Your Own (Kettlebell) Adventure Workout

An amusing episode from my fitness-boot-camp-leading days was when a particular camper very loudly and emphatically warned the other campers NOT to try and bargain with me:

"OMG you guys, STOP IT, seriously, DO NOT try to bargain with her - it will NEVER end up in your favor... JUST DO THE BURPEES. Trust me this could get SO MUCH WORSE..."

 Which always sort of puzzled me - the alternatives I would provide on occasion or the choices were always ...reasonable... oh sorry, are the horns poking up out of my hair again today?! 

The concept of the following workout would probably cause the above-mentioned camper to run screaming for his car (maximal cardio?), but you will probably enjoy it.    It's made with options so that you can have a small group of people of different skill levels (other than absolute beginners), strengths, etc. all working out together.   And they get to move around to different "stations" which always seem to appeal to people.

Set up the following stations, or tailor the sizes (heavier or lighter) to fit your class/situation/etc. at a minimum, have the following available:

Here's where it gets fun - you don't need to put them in order (keep the pairs matched though)... its better if you don't - we want an element of chance - a little of the ol' chaos.

Warm up with joint mobility and some 2 hand kettlebell swings then.....

Let your participants choose where they start - but don't tell them what they'll be doing!!!  They will have choices - and if necessary, YOU tell them what to do - in order to maintain form, safety etc.  Don't let their egos put them in danger of injury (sorry guys, but you tend to do this sometimes), be a leader and be smart.  Also - be sure to enforce strict form with the light kettlebells as well - this is a great time to practice.  Make sure everyone moves down the line between intervals -

Fire up your Gymboss timer and set it for 45 second intervals...

THREE rounds! 

  1. Choice: Double kettlebell swings or Double kettlebell deadlifts (single if necessary)
  2. Choice: Single kettlebell Around the World (slingshot) or Hot Potato (plank instead if necessary)
  3. Choice: Double kettlebell Front Squat or single kettlebell goblet squat
  4. Rest

After a little rest - we worked on some parts of the TGU, small 1 minute Q&A session then... back to the stations!  Everyone must start at a different pair of kettlebells...

45 second intervals on the Gymboss.... Three rounds:

  1. Choice: kettlebell snatches - single, double, or if too heavy, 2 hand swings
  2. Push Ups - variation is up to the participant - feet, knees, 1 leg... 1 arm! :)
  3. Single kettlebell 1 hand (switch at 22 sec) or 2 hand kettlebell swings,
  4. Plank - variation is up to the participant!
  5. Rest

Finish up with joint mobility - and of course plenty of water.

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