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Hanging Around at Home - Kettlebell and TRX Workout

I sometimes make the joke that my apartment, or the surrounding fields, the parking space etc is the site of some of the most intense training in town - not entirely sure if that's true, but its fun to say, and well - until someone proves differently, I'm going to keep saying it.   Its extra fun to say because for whatever reason we've had two verified celebrity sightings nearby over the past few days (Paul McCartney, Tyra Banks).  There's also a very good chance that Tyra saw my business card. I have yet to get a call from her, I'm assuming its because she has heard I'm a tough trainer and is still working up the courage to make that call.  LOL... you realize I'm being a goof when I say stuff like that - though there is a VERY good chance she's seen my card.   ANYWAY - to live up to this odd reputation means I also need to train as hard if not harder than my clients - who are extremely dedicated - some of them work out so hard that they walk home in a sort of exhausted daze. 

Anyhow, inspired by the workout I made for them today, I put a little twist on it to accommodate my at home indoor training (with the active rest of the occasional chore or dish to wash)

I set up 3 stations - TRX in its usual place suspended from the pull up bar in the hallway, 24kg kettlebell on its triple reinforced cardboard square (another plus for Tropical Traditions products - they ship the jars of coconut oil with these on either side - BONUS!!), pair of 12kg kettlebells in a v-shape on the rug.

Start with joint mobility exercises and a few of those fantastic pump stretches (my small group guys call these "Pavel Stretches" and they LOVE them)

Circuit time!

Repeat 3-4 times

Start some eggs boiling - throw a small hand towel over the pull up bar and help your grip by hanging from it while counting - remember to keep shoulders packed and abs tight too!

After the eggs have come to a boil, remove them from the heat and start your 10 minute timer.  Use this countdown to time some 1 arm 1 leg planks - 45 sec each side minimum. 

More pump stretches and joint mobility to cool down.


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