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Rings of Power by Mike GIllette

Rings of Power by Mike Gillette Cool new book from Mike Gillette about Ring Training for all fitness levels. Being on this shoot with Mike was like working with a real live action hero! (And I got to put a cinderblock on him too!) Mike knows his stuff and shares everything you need to know for his versatile go-anywhere ring training.  Full progressions of every exercise, workout plans, and all the know-how to take the training as far as you wish. Good stuff, and yes, that's me on the left side of the cover  :)

Borrowing an Idea From Tim Ferriss - Five for Friday... and Another Poker Chips Workout

5 Things 4 Friday

Every Friday Tim Ferriss sends out a 5 bullet points for Friday email/blog post. Considering his wide range of subject types these bullet subjects also are fairly wide ranging... however I'm going to make my own version for you here (at least for THIS Friday, I'm still working on an "editorial schedule" having postponed my own "Strategy Wednesdays" for far too long).  That being said if you feel strongly about the 5 things for Friday post (either pro or con) please let me know in the comments below this post! I'm about 50/50 on it at this point, but we'll see... so let me know if you're into it or not.  Unlike Tim I will probably change the criteria each time until I settle on enough variety or whatnot.


Five Awesome Things For Friday:

1. Older workout/post that someone linked from facebook at random, and then a bunch of people started talking about it:
2. Recipe that is totally getting made this weekend:
3. Interview I'd done a few years ago that surprised a friend of mine:
Interview with internet fitness personality Zuzka Light
4. Forum to check out:
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5. Awesome Blog Post from someone else:
Paul Britt's RKC Kettlebell Snatch Test Preparation Plan

As promised, A WORKOUT!!!  It's a "poker chips" kettlebell workout (here's a calisthenics/bodyweight only version from a little while back).  These poker chips workouts started out as a little joke. I bought a box of poker chips for counting rounds of things because I'm so into the exercises themselves, that I am not so great at counting.  But then I noticed that buying a bigger box of poker chips allowed me to give everyone in the small group color coded stacks of them (and a key to the colors/exercises*) to work through.  At that point they can experiment with the timing and order of the different exercises and some interesting learning happens.  Sometimes they'll do all the stuff they like most first, or they'll get the stuff they don't like over with first.  I can't help but wonder at the personality insights sitting here! HAHA!

Here's what happened last night:

Warm up well with joint mobility and the CC2 Trifecta 3x(bridge, L-sit, twist--wherever you are in the progression of each)

Then each person received 5 poker chips in each color, meaning we all did 5 rounds of each of the following:

Red = 25 2-hand kettlebell swings (moderately heavy)
Black = 5/5 kettlebell clean and presses (moderately heavy kb, mine was about 70% of my 1RM so 20kg) being sure to re-clean between each press, it's like a mini break in some ways and then very much not a break in other ways!
Green = 10 kettlebell squats (goblet or front squats)
Yellow = 10/10 snatches with RKC snatch test weight kettlebell
Blue = Heavy clean 1 kettlebell and take a walk, swapping sides at the midpoint

Staggering around and then a cooldown with more joint mobility before going home!

I also like to use the poker chips to count any "GTG" reps done during the day.  I'll get out the small box of 100 chips and spend the day moving them one by one from ont half of the box to the other as I complete 100 reps of something difficult during the course of the day.  It's a fun and easy way to keep track.

*The other funny thing about the papers I write up and hand out with the color code is what happens to the papers afterwards.  Some people can't hand them back to me fast enough as in "Get this thing away from me! ENOUGH!!!!" while others are carefully folding it up and tucking it into their bag to use for an at home workout some time in the future.


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